Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Health and Wellbeing Coaches are essential members of the healthcare team, collaborating closely with Social Prescribing Link Workers in a unified effort to enhance the holistic health and wellness of individuals. With a professional and compassionate approach, they play a vital role in promoting overall well-being and fostering positive lifestyle changes. Through guidance, support, and resources they empower patients seeking to improve their health.

What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching? 

Health and wellbeing coaching at Mendip Vale provides personalised support, empowering patients to make long term, sustainable change in weight management for healthier outcomes. Creating a holistic approach, the team work with patients who struggle to lose weight, and have a BMI over 33. This enables them to create healthy lifestyle changes across the 4 key areas; movement, nutrition, sleep and stress.



This service is available to those aged 18 and over with a BMI of 33+.

Why is this different to clinical support with a GP or Nurse?

The coaches are not clinical staff and therefore can’t prescribe or offer any specific personalised advice on medical conditions, medications, diets for specific health conditions or mental health.

How do I access this service?

Anyone aged 18 years and over, with a BMI over 33 and for whom weight loss is a primary concern, can be referred for this support. That can be either via your appointment with a clinician or self-referred through a Patient Co-Ordinator or, by doing an eConsult yourself requesting weight loss support.

Would you like to know your BMI? Check your BMI to find out if you're a healthy weight for your height using the NHS BMI calculator

What can I expect? 

The Health and Wellbeing Coach will work with you to discover what your health goals are and how you can put in place the healthy habits to enable you to achieve them. You will have access up to 6 sessions, held monthly to allow time for you to practice the habits and create the sustainable changes that lead to healthier outcomes in the future.

During these sessions we look at the 4 key areas of health and focus on weight loss as an outcome. This includes exploring current habits and taking steps which are personally effective for you. For example, improving your daily step count, increasing structured exercise and  discovering simple, healthy recipes which can be made at home. 

 Nutrition – What we eat matters…


Consuming a healthy, balanced diet plays a crucial role in supporting our body's functions and maintaining optimal health. By ensuring we nourish ourselves with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, we can enhance our energy levels, strengthen our immune system, and promote a healthy weight. Click here to read the NHS Eat Well Guide for a healthy balanced diet.

Movement and exercise - How much we move counts….

When it comes to movement and exercise, every little bit counts, so don't underestimate the power of even the smallest activities. Whether you're getting up for a quick stretch or trying seated exercises, any movement is better than staying sedentary. The key is finding what works best for you, because there are so many ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Click here for exercise guidance and advice. 

Sleep - Good quality sleep is important...

Good quality sleep is like hitting the reset button for your mind and body - it's absolutely crucial! Quality sleep goes beyond recharging your energy levels, but plays an important role in your concentration, productivity, mood and overall health. Click here for sleep guidance and advice.

Stress - Stress impacts your wellbeing...

Stress is something many of us experience, and believe it or not, sometimes a little stress can be a good thing, pushing us to achieve our goals. However, when stress starts to interfere with our day-to-day lives, it's time to take action. Click here for guidance and advice on how to manage stress.