Test results

If you have any tests whilst visiting our practice, the clinician will usually tell you how to get your results.

If you are asked to phone for your result, please contact us after 11am when the phone lines are not so busy.

  • It can take up to 10 working days to get an ultrasound or x-ray result.
  • Most blood tests, urine and swab results are available within 1 week.
  • Smear tests usually take 3 weeks.

Our clinicians are increasing the use of text messaging and if we have your mobile number they are able to send you an individual text about your results at the time of their review If we have your mobile number then we will send you a text following receipt of your results. If the results come back on different days then you may receive more than one text message.

To ensure confidentiality and security, test results will only be given to the patient directly and not to relatives or friends, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing.

We will, of course, make every effort to contact you should your returned result need urgent action. However, it is your responsibility in all cases to find out the result of your test.

The doctors check the results before our reception staff are able to give any information to you. Our reception staff will only be able to state that the result is normal or that you will have to see the doctor.

Unfortunately, our reception staff are unable to relay any other information regarding the test results.

If the doctor needs to speak to you personally, our reception staff will help arrange this which may take the form of a telephone appointment.