Empowering You Through Menopause Symptom Support

Navigating through menopause can pose significant challenges, particularly when symptoms go unrecognized. At Mendip Vale Medical Group, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care tailored to women experiencing this transition. Our clinical team undergoes continuous training to ensure they possess the expertise needed to effectively support you during this phase.

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Menopausal symptoms vary widely. While hot flushes, night sweats, and changes in bleeding patterns are commonly acknowledged, other symptoms may be overlooked, potentially leading to delays in appropriate treatment.

To facilitate a comprehensive assessment, we encourage the use of a validated 'menopause symptom questionnaire'. By utilising this tool, both you and our team can identify symptoms that may stem from hormonal changes, enabling us to devise the most suitable management plan for your needs. You'll find the questionnaire linked below.

Completing this questionnaire before starting treatment helps in understanding your symptoms holistically and facilitate ongoing monitoring to gauge treatment efficacy.

Exploring Menopause and Perimenopause

Our team has meticulously assessed numerous resources aimed at fostering a better understanding of menopause and perimenopause. Among the wealth of available materials (useful resources link below), we recommend the following booklet as an excellent starting point for a comprehensive overview:

Also available in other languages including Welsh, Polish or screen reader


Making treatment decisions

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual, treatment for menopausal symptoms is personalised based on your specific symptoms, medical history, and priorities. Our team values your active participation in the decision-making process. Our goal is to collaboratively identify the treatment that aligns best with your needs and effectively manages your symptoms.

The following links provide a tool to help assist decision making for your treatment journey. It aids in comprehensively considering and understanding the benefits and risks associated with hormone replacement therapy.

While hormone therapy can offer excellent symptom control and improve overall quality of life while also benefiting bone and heart health, we advocate a holistic approach. Growing evidence supports various lifestyle interventions such as exercise, diet adjustments, yoga, mindfulness practices, moderating alcohol consumption, and smoking cessation, as well as cognitive-behavioural therapy in managing menopausal symptoms alongside or as alternatives to HRT. Therefore, discussions regarding management will encompass these factors alongside medication options.

It's essential to acknowledge that symptom relief may take time to achieve, and treatment adjustments may be necessary to effectively manage your symptoms. Rest assured, we are committed to supporting you through this journey, providing guidance and adjustments as needed to optimize your well-being.

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When should you contact us via e-consult

  • If you believe you are be experiencing menopause symptoms
  • If Your symptoms have changed or not being well managed, and you would like to review / start treatment
  • If You are over 54 or have been or sequential HRT for longer than 5 years so we can consider changing to continuous HRT
  • If You have started HRT and not yet had a 3 month review
  • If You have any concerns about unusual bleeding or symptoms you are worried about whilst on HRT
  • If You are over 60 and on an oral form of HRT to discuss long term options


Latest News

  • Micronised Progesterone: This is available as either the branded Utrogestan or Gepretix

Guidance from our local medicines management team is to choose the newer available Gepretix as first choice as this has a lower cost and no history of supply issues that were faced with Utrogestan. You may see a change to your repeat prescription to the new brand Gepretix. Please be reassured these brands are both BODY IDENTICAL – micronised progesterone. Synthesised from plant sources and has the same molecular-structure as the progesterone produced by our own bodies.


  • Ovestin

This vaginal gel has been discontinued under this brand name; however an equivalent product is still available and you may see your prescription on repeat is changed to Estriol 1mg/g vaginal cream.


  • British Menopause Society update April 24

Women taking moderate or high dose oestrogen should be informed that the adequacy of endometrial protection provided by micronised progesterone is uncertain. The use of 200 mg as a continuous preparation, and 300 mg as a sequential preparation, should be offered if using high dose oestrogen or if unscheduled bleeding occurs with ultra-low to moderate dose oestrogen.